The High Flyers - Yuval Finkelstein

00:07:56 | April 23, 2015

Kara Spangler, Director of Customer Success at Vidcaster sits down with Yuval Finkelstein, the director of training at Wix. Wix is a DIY website building tool. Yuval discusses why Wix Ed, the online training portal for Wix, focuses on the 'why' of website building instead of the 'how to'. You'll also learn how they leverage the Vidcaster platform to not only launch their video training, but how they use it to measure the success.

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[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I'm Kara Spangler, here for another edition of Vidcaster's High Flyers. So Yuval, why don't you to introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do? OK. So I'm Yuval. I work at, the DIY website builder platform. I'm running a tiny project called Wix Ed, from Wix education, and we are actually testing a new approach of educating users on how to build websites or how to provide web design services. Wonderful. Can you expand a little bit more on that as far as how to build websites and what's the value of the Wix Ed versus a general kind of support center or how to use a particular button within the website builder? The thing is that until now, the main marketing message of Wix was "build your own website," and right now we are trying to explore the path of why not educate people on how to build websites for others so they will be able to provide this service? So we have a lot of information that we are sharing with these people which is not only around how to use Wix. It's about understanding web skills, as we call it-- SEO and content writing and calls to action and things like that. And for your question about what's the difference between the support videos and educational videos? For me, it's like I draw a line between the "how to" and the "why to." While in support videos you're looking for an answer right away-- where to click, which check box to mark-- when you're signing up for a training session, then you're willing to get more information in order to get some to-dos or tips or other information that would be useful for me. That's really great. So as you just said, it's not the how to use the product, it's why to use the product and how to really benefit from all of those tools that you have to build your business. Totally. When you're working at a business and you're offering something to the general public, you're working with your product too much and you think that the whole world know about it. So sometimes it's not about explaining to people how to use one feature. It's about understanding what they are trying to achieve and then direct them to that feature. I completely understand. Being in customer success here at Vidcaster, as I've told you before, we have "Video Victories," so it's why are using video and what are you looking to get out of with using video? So for you, could you explain a little more how you guys are using video within the Wix Ed platform and how you create all those videos? The baseline was that we want to have an online training platform and we wanted to do these training sessions with videos. But once we figured that out, we went down the path of understanding what we want to share or how we are building the content of the videos. And for us, what worked is understanding first the students or the person who is going to view the video, what do we want them to do with this information? And I always give the same example, but for example a class about SEO-- so we know what's SEO. We know it's a broad topic. But we put that aside and we're thinking what we want a beginner to be able to do with the information that we are going to share after this class. So by looking from this point of view, from the broad area of SEO we can pick out the tiny subject that we are going to cover in this video. After we have identified what we want the student to achieve with this information, then we are mapping out challenges. Like in the learning curve, what will be the challenges of the viewer? And only after that, we are sitting down and writing the outline. We are not too obsessed with the fact that we're doing a video. We are not too obsessed with the topic that we are going to build the video about. We're more focused on what our viewer will want to achieve with that video. And by this, I think that we are creating more interesting videos and more engaging videos and more videos that actually leads some action. That's great. So you see the video as a mechanism to really kind of bring value to your trainees and see what do they need to achieve and then write that content. So you're kind of using the reverse order to build your video content? Yeah, totally. Of course we have a business goal behind it. But in order to get to this business goal, it won't be enough to explain to our viewer what is the business goal. They don't care about Wix's business goal. We should support their business goals in order for them to feel that it's engaging, that it's interesting, that it's adding any value for them. Great. Well, anything else you want to say about video and what you do? Well, I think that doing online training, it's something which is still relatively new even though you can see a lot of online training platforms out there. For us in this project, we had a long way of understanding or identifying how we are going to host these videos. And we found that working with Vidcaster would be very beneficial for us because back then when we started working with you guys, you were the only company that had HTML5 player, and we really want that people would be able to study and learn on the go. So if they cannot see a class on iPhone, there is no point to that. And but that open, of course, great relationship with Vidcaster-- and it's great working with you-- I see a lot of value. And actually what I needed the most was to get insights-- like produce the videos and get insights about the videos. And Vidcaster is taking care about all the rest-- hosting it and getting me BI and getting me insights. What insights are important to you in your organization? For me personally I measure the quality of our training by a time map, like hit map on videos. I look at what people are doing after watching the videos. Are they able to answer a quiz? Are they able to go and do the homework? Are they coming back with questions? I love seeing people logging into the systems and kind of spending the whole evening watching all the videos. This is always great to see, that someone finds your content useful. Awesome. Awesome. Well, that's great. Well, it's so wonderful to hear how you use video to help train your users to get a better value out of the Wix platform. Great to hear that Vidcaster is able to provide those analytics you, and it's a true pleasure to work with you and we enjoy partnering with you. Yes, same for me. Well, thank you so much for being a part of this High Flyers. I'm Kara Spangler. This is another addition of Vidcaster High Flyers. Aim high. [MUSIC PLAYING]